​Client Testimonials

Rachael R
Great neck, ny

I found shape fitness through yelp and noticed a couple of mixed reviews, but having  to try everything for myself , i made the decision to try them out.

First let me say this the best money i have ever spent , the place is so quaint smells great and gives  a feel like i am in a spa. Paola and Ray are so pleasant and  real experts in their field as well as  very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition.
They gave me a full assessment to gauge my fitness level  , where in the past i had some free tryouts where the  trainers just THREW ME IN! and that seemed to be very intimidating without even knowing what i can handle . 

This is my first time ever paying for  a trainer and it is one of the best decisions i made. One of best  first impressions i have had in a long time. i am  a woman over 50 and a mom of 2. I have gained over 40 lbs and feel very self conscious of my body , ray and paola made me feel very comfortable on the first meeting and assured me this  weight was only temporary.  

They explained that  their training programs  come with a nutritional plan which is  included free as well as the flexibility of my schedule which i needed because of my lifestyle. There seemed to be no restrictions and the process seemed fluid so
I went ahead and purchased the gold package. 

They offer a great first time incentive which saved me money  and explained to me in detail their policy which seemed to be reasonable.

I am so excited to be getting started and can't wait to see my results. For  women who are out there looking to get in shape but are a little skeptical whether from mixed reviews or just fear, i say go with your gut or  the majority  decision they are  both usually always right. 

see you guys in 40 lbs. 

Rachael R 

Jules A.
Queens, NY
I just started with Paola & Ray a little over 1 month ago. I chose their training program to benefit from the smaller group sessions. I like that they take the time to get to know you and your past history with working out instead of just throwing you into the wolves. I haven't worked out since I was in high school and I knew I was basically walking into my own funeral my first day there, but by my 2nd visit, I was already feeling better after my session with Paola.

Another great thing about Paola & Ray is that they understand people have outside lives and busy work schedules, so when tax deadlines really started to come around the corner, I literally had to cancel 2-3 weeks of training in a row, but they were always understanding about it. Once tax season was gone (sorta), I was excited to come back to start rebuilding what I attempted to start a month ago prior to tax season. My first day back was fairly brutal (very sore 1-2 days after the session and barely any strength to walk home that night). But just like the first time... I just got back from my 2nd session this week and feel much better about myself and very far from death, haha.

I'm glad I found Paola & Ray (on Yelp!) and look forward to seeing my progress in the coming months. And what better place to go to than a familiar private setting where someone actually remembers your name for once? :)

You won't regret this choice if you choose Shape Fitness.

Vicky Y.
Glad I found this lovely fitness place where I feel like at home. 

Paula & Ray are very nice & professional training instructors. When you first come to this place, they won't push you for any packages selling, instead, they will try to discuss with you about your goal; your body analysis....etc. At the end, they find the best resolution for your fitness program.

Since I come here, I have already lost 20 lbs. Of course, you can't just rely on daily exercise to lose weight; you have to manage the daily meals. The best thing is the Shape Fitness does provide the nutrition program for you to trace & manage your daily meal.
EAT HEALTH; EXERCISE DAILY....The Shape Fitness is the place you got to go. 
Highly recommend for every women.

Today is my fourth session and 100 day mark to my wedding. I'm 160 pounds at 4'11 with some medium athletic ability I guess. I need help getting some positive momentum being at the largest I've ever been in life. My Aunt, Godmother and Matron of honor also joined today and we are buddying up once a week. We are so happy to experience this together:) I've enjoyed Ray and Paola's attention and encouragement; truly excited to see what my sessions and biometrics nutrition program produce! You'll feel the burn with the focus on various strength training routines in a warm, cozy, great smelling environment. I adore the space! I promise to update my review with my results and possible pics in 101 days wish me luck!

 M. F.
Manhattan, NY
This is semi-private training at it's best. This is better than boot-camp, better than a private trainer at the gym, better than any class, offered around NYC and far more pleasant. I didn't expect to find this quality of training, or program anywhere in NYC, let alone in a quiet nook in Forest Hills.

I have noticed in 5 months of working out here, my body and health have changed and improved in significant ways.

In the beginning I was weary of the "for women angle" - I feared that it might in some way mean, it was too light or not serious enough. I was so wrong! It's just more specific and focused toward women - and therefore more effective.

Everyone has already said it, but Paola & Ray, are the essence of this program. They really care about their business and clients. They're highly knowledgable trainers, with outstanding experience, who keep going back out to update & refresh their knowledge seminars and new methods, to curate highly effective, thoughtful workout sessions. 

Paola, is very attentive and even in classes that range from as many as 2-6 clients she watches and keeps up with individual needs (form, ability level, injury modification) - to make sure the most is being made of the 30-min workout for everyone. 

I'm in my early 40's and despite sharing class space with women anywhere from 30-70 years old, I don't ever feel either held back or left behind by the intensity of a session - everyone works at their own level - and Paola can focus on each amazingly. There are days I am sweating profusely from the cardio intensity and other days where muscles are sore and shaking, pushed to a limit, but it's never too much.

I notice people, are referring to it as a gym - however, it's more so a studio, an intimate, unique and very welcoming space to be in and conducive to working out in. It's also very clean.

I've been here 5 months, and just renewed my program package. I waited to write this review - to make sure it was tried and tested.

I can say, I am significantly more toned, stronger, healthier, I have more endurance and aches & pains, such as acute carpal tunnel have disappeared completely. In fact, I have a script for physical therapy for my wrist & arm - that I never used because of this training. 

I personally, have not lost any weight on the scale, however my body has toned significantly, so clothes fit better and I appear slimmer. I attribute this lack of weight loss to not enough cardio, outside of the 30-min class - I do not get any other significant calorie burning activity or exercise, so understandably it's not enough, to loose weight quickly. 

In any case, I plan to be a lifer here, because I can already see and feel the massively, positive impact this has had on my body, health and endurance. I know this will be the most important thing for my fitness, in the long haul.

I have recommended Shape Fitness to a couple of neighbors, but also friends in other boroughs, I would say it's worth the commute. I feel lucky to have found it.

 Lilly H.
Jamaica, NY
I joined Shape fitness for women a month ago and I love it! I have already seen a difference with my weight and energy level. I always look forward to going to my classes. Paola and Ray are great they make you feel comfortable and are very understanding. The exercises are challenging and they focus on all your body parts. I highly recommend them I am happy to have found themselves.

 Michelle c.
Elmhurst, NY
Love this gym. Convenient and close to home,and Ray is a great motivational trainer. Definitely recommend :-)

Forest Hills, NY
I am so happy to have found and joined Shape Fitness. Paola and Ray are an amazing team of trainers who have not only helped me get back into the shape I wanted, but given me the motivation and drive to be healthier in other aspects of my live. Paola definitely pushes you to the limit, giving you challenging and effective workouts taught in a very patient, and supportive way. I find the small classes themselves to be fun, which is a huge plus for me because my lazy bones frequently hate doing exercise (that's why I joined in the first place, lol). I recommend this fitness center to anyone that enjoys doing an ever changing variety of exercises in a calm and fun environment. They are also great with working with you if you need to reschedule sessions.

Sheera K.
Elmhurst, Queens, NY
I am very lucky to have shape fitness in my healthy lifetime Changing schedule!
It's like I've found a gem .. Because the trainers (Both Paola and Ray) are very professional, very patient and respondent to your needs. Let me share some of my personal experiences here .. I've become a member since January of 2016 (yes, I am new! But I feel like I've been a part of the shape fitness family for a long time every time I walk in here) and I have a very hectic schedule for I am a working student. What makes this place awesome for me is that I never had/have any problems whenever I need to reschedule classes and for that I am very grateful for it is just perfect for my weekly schedule (work, home, school, outside home events and gym) .. Another personal experience that I can share is that when I Attended my Saturday class and wasn't able to do the exercises that well and I was really catching my breathe at that time but I was assisted by Paola and she really knows what to do immediately in times of like this when you had too much cardio (yes, I am poor in cardio and they are helping me rebuilding myself to become a better me) .. I guarantee that the trainers here really know what they are doing and what they have to do for each client! I really love coming to Shape fitness because it is not just a place for a better body system but is also a stress reliever. They got some surprises too ;) am definitely recommending this place for everyone! You'll never know unless you'll try it yourself.

Nicole P.
I'm 2 months in and the process so far has been fantastic. Paola and Ray are both incredible people. You can tell they truly care about their clients in the fitness studio and out. This isn't one of those chain muscle gyms but a private studio with more direct attention. Paola works directly with a small group of women and although It's a group session, I can tell you I am challenged at my own pace and level every time. The routine is always changing, focusing on different areas but always working the core. Packages are at great prices, a steal considering the service you get. They also offer meal plans. Joining shape was one of the best decisions I've made.

Vicky B.
Richmond Hill, NY
Shape Fitness For Women, in Forest Hills is ideal if you truly want to make fitness part of your lifestyle, especially if it has been a while of not exercising regularly. 

The best part of Shape Fitness, is the perfect pace of the personal training sessions and the safety and care that Ray and Paola take in customizing your fitness plan.

Training sessions are semi-private and I've never had a session with more than 3 other women at a time. I used to think I wanted 1 on 1 sessions, which they can accommodate, but I like working out with the group. 

I feel completely comfortable working out there and I really love the time, attention and care that Ray and Paola take with their respective roles.

Paola is such a smart and skilled trainer and educates you about your muscles and how they respond to each exercise and why and how it works best, as she leads and coaches. 

After two months of starting slow and building my strength and endurance, I feel ready to tackle a fundraising bike ride adventure: Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 150 mile, two day cycling ride event on June 6th and 7th! 

I am going to continue with Shape Fitness For Women and hope you check them out too!

Veronica G.
Brooklyn, NY
Shape Fitness for Women was the best money I ever spent. Ray and Paola are excellent and knowledgeable trainers. They really make you work hard and smart during your sessions. I like that they took the time to listen to me, my fitness goals, and put it into a great program. I never liked working out and now I really enjoy my weekly sessions. If you need a little push to get you back on the fitness track, they are the people to call.

Osborne R.
Brooklyn, NY
I just recently started with Shape Fitness and I have to say it's ideal for women like myself who are just starting to get to get in shape. The half hour classes are perfect, as it is focused attention that is not overwhelming but gets the job done. If you are looking for personal attention and great people to train you, Shape Fitness is the place for you

Mo G.
Richmond Hill, Queens, NY
Shape fitness is ideal for women who enjoy more personal attention. Paola and Ray are great trainers and will always make sure you have great form and don't slack. I absolutely hate working out, it's never been my thing, but the small classes, great environment and to the point work outs work! Since starting I've lost 10lbs and Thats without a strict diet. I'd definitely recommend Shape.

Georiga G.
I had first joined last November 2014. I had to stop going for family reasons. I didn't know that if you didn't show up, you loose your place, etc...When I went back a few weeks ago Ray and Paola were very nice and reinstated me.They were very helpful also to get me into the Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness program again. I just had to pay extra charge cause I let my membership expire.

  Now my review on this prgoram. I love it. It's great. Both Ray and Paola are awesome instructors. Both get you to feel sore which is what I like cause it tells me I got a good workout! No pain no gain like they say!!! They help you individually if you need it and make sure you do every excerise correctly.

  Ray is a awesome motivator, can never slack off with him. He pushes me to my limit but I can always take a break if I need one. I have back problems, and they show me a different way to do the excerise where I don't hurt myself or cause myself pain while doing the workout. 

  Paola is awesome as well. She really works you hard. Love when she does abs and butt excerises, my weak points. She's also a very sweet person.

  If you're serious about losing weight, or just to get in shape or want to become healthier, this program is the one for you. I extremely highly recoomend Shape Fitness For Women. 

  I can't wait for more openings so I can go 3 times a week.


Judy D.
Forest Hills, NY
Been training just about a week and can't tell you the difference from other training classes I have taken. Paola is definitely skilled to train you and will not give up on you until you are completed!! Great work outs, atmosphere is just right and very patience trainers all in one package deal!!  
Thank you Paola and Ray!! Looking forward to my next class!

Soul S. 
Elmhurst, NY 

After researching... looking high and low for a place in Queens... close to home... I came across Shape Fitness for Women. 

Today I met with Paola and Ray and they both seemed they're more than willing to give me the tools I need to succeed.  

I promised them both I would post after our meeting, and once I begin to see results ... I will post again and keep fellow yelpers up to date...

Working out is a drag, gyms are not my favorite place to be, so I have high hopes I will get the results I set goals for... Shape Fitness apears to offer something totally different from everything else I've seen out there in the realm of fitness. Time will tell! 

Be sure to check again for follow up feedback!

Martha p.  
Forest Hills
I was looking to join a gym/ personal training and I found this place on yelp. They had great reviews and I decided to call and schedule an appt to check out the program. Ray & Paola was very helpful and explained what it was all about.

I signed up the day I met with them bc it was what I was looking for. 

I hope to get the results I'm looking for and hope to post with results.

Jennifer L. 
Briarwood, Queens, NY 

I joined shape fitness in October 2014 and couldn't be happier! So much so, that I convinced my friend to join with me to be my workout buddy. The classes are super fun, yet challenging, which is a recipe for success! This is the first time that I've ever joined a gym where I feel like I'm finally getting the results that I want and because of that I'm always motivated to go. Each class is different and unique; working out different body parts every time. Ray and Paola are very friendly, informative and accommodating if you ever need to switch your schedule around. I would highly recommend this shape fitness to anyone who's ever spent money on a gym membership and didn't go for lack of motivation. Having that set workout schedule is what's helped to keep me motivated.

Shanie G. 
Roslyn Heights, NY 

I highly recommend Shape Fitness for Women. I had initially bought sessions from Groupon to try it out. I ended up purchasing more sessions because I saw the difference in my body. Ray and Paola are wonderful personal trainers. They motivate you to work harder and feel better about your self. I feel challenged every time I go because it's something different we're doing. The studio where classes are held is such a nice and peaceful environment. It's like walking into a relaxing spa.

Alpha 0. 
Forest Hills, NY 

I joined with Ray a couple of yrs ago. I needed the help and i got it from both Ray and Paola and the way they trained me..it helped me get back into fitness and healthy living in general..they hecame more than just my trainers, they became family.

Pamela C. 

Ray and Paola are excellent trainers. Not only do they provide challenging workouts for my husband and me, but they also care about their clients. I definitely recommend their personal training. After having my second child last summer, I knew that I needed to get back into shape. I feel better and more fit than ever.

Forest hills,ny

This past spring I purchased a couple of sessions for Shape Fitness for Women through Living Social. I have enjoyed the training so much that I've purchased additional sessions twice. I highly recommend Shape Fitness for Women for those ladies trying to get on a fitness regime for the first time or getting back on their game.

Iris P. 
Forest Hills, NY 

I originally bought a groupon to try something new in my fitness routine, and was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the trainers. They really made me feel comfortable and or flexible with my schedule. I enjoying the training so much that purchase more sessions. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for good trainers to get fit, healthy or stay fit.

Nancy C. 
Jamaica, NY 

I joined Shape Fitness after my first session that my friend and I bought through Living Social. Both Ray and Paola are patience and encouraging during your workout. I leave the gym feeling great after the half hour workout. I always look forward to my next session.

Leena D.
I found a deal for this on Living Social for Small group fitness and being that I am in the need to loose some weight and I hate the whole gym atmosphere, I decided to give this a try. 

As soon I walked in, I had a great feeling about this place. Paola welcomed me in, and introduced me to Ray, both very nice people and you can tell they really want to help you out & are very passionate about this field. The vibe of the studio is very peaceful and zen and it smells sooooo good. Ray takes a lot of pride in every wall piece and furniture he puts into this studio. It's a very homey feel.  

First, I had to fill out a form about our goals and concerns and health issues, we chatted a little bit to get a feel for each other, then I started my session.  

Paola was our trainer, but Ray was also watching us and was rooting us on and both of them made sure we worked out to our full potential. As nice as they are, they don't play. The same thing I hate and Love about them. It's exactly what you need when like myself, you don't have your own self motivation.  

If you're not into the whole sweaty, stinky gym atmosphere, and don't have your own self motivation, I think this is a great alternative and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to build a healthy lifestyle. I just had my first session and I already bought more sessions for after my Living Social offer runs out.

Dena G.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I recently moved and was looking for another personal trainer. I was surfing the web and came across a Living Social deal. It seemed quite reasonable/affordable so I purchased it. I tried it out for several weeks now and was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. They really made me feel comfortable and were flexible with my schedule. Since then, I have purchased more sessions and will continue with Shape Fitness for Women as I have seen progress in just the first few weeks and was quite impressed. I look forward to my training sessions not just for the intense workouts but to see my progress at the end of each week. I have lost weight and I am starting to tone up my body as well. I am really seeing a difference and starting to feel good about myself. I am getting my self confidence back. Thank you Shape fitness!

Sarah O.
Forest Hills, Queens, NY
I found Shape Fitness through a Groupon. I walked in and loved the set up and Ray and Paola. Long story short I've been there for a few months now - it's a great, motivating enviroment where you get the attention you need to succeed with trainers who know diet and exercise and truly care about their clients hitting their goals! If you want to lose weight, get healthier, build muscle I highly recommend this gym. I lostt 30 lbs in about 3 months and built a ton of 

Mishy S.
Forest Hills, ny
I joined Shape Fitness in July 2014. I absolutely love it! 

Ray and Paola are amazing. They really want to help their clients - you can really tell they are passionate about what they do. Ray and Paola have helped me reach new limits with their dynamic workouts.  

The sessions are very convenient because they are only 30 minutes, but at very high intensity :)

Brooke C.
Briarwood, Queens, NY
First to Review
I just recently started coming to Shape Fitness for Women and I absolutely love it! I found out about Shape Fitness about a month ago through Living Social and signed up because of the good deal they had. I love the atmosphere of the studio. It is so private and comfortable and it has a "spa-like feel". Sometimes huge gyms can be a bit intimidating and crowded so I love how relaxing it is here. The two trainers Paola and Ray are so passionate about what they do and it shows. The asked me about my fitness goals during my consultation, took my measurements and got a baseline of my abilities. From that information they mapped out a plan for me. Even though I only started a month ago I have already began to see results. They've helped counsel me on my eating habits and make the workouts so much fun. I love how each session is a different workout and I never get bored with doing the same things. I would definitely recommend Shape Fitness for Women to anyone and I'm looking forward to seeing more 

Vivian E.
Rego Park, NY
Each time I see a great deal on any of the social media sites for fitness/healthy lifestyle in Forest Hills I have to purchase the deal and see for myself. After the two 30min small group workout trial I did, I was hooked with Shape Fitness for Women. Right after my trial offer I signed up for the silver package (70 sessions) and recently just added additional sessions.

Shape Fitness adds the personal touch and keeps the class small as promised (so far all the sessions I've attended has been no larger than 6 per class). At the first session, Ray, the trainer does a personal physical profile on you and help set obtainable goals. The workout is based on you and how much you want to push yourself. 

I think I've finally found my to go workout place in Forest Hills.

Aida P.
New York, NY
This past spring I purchased a couple of sessions for Shape Fitness for Women through Living Social. I have enjoyed the training so much that I've purchased additional sessions twice. I highly recommend Shape Fitness for Women for those ladies trying to get on a fitness regime for the first time or getting back on their game.

Iris P.
Forest Hills, NY
I originally bought a groupon to try something new in my fitness routine, and was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the trainers. They really made me feel comfortable and or flexible with my schedule. I enjoying the training so much that purchase more sessions. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for good trainers to get fit, healthy or stay fit.

Nancy C.
Jamaica, NY
I joined Shape Fitness after my first session that my friend and I bought through Living Social. Both Ray and Paola are patience and encouraging during your workout. I leave the gym feeling great after the half hour workout. I always look forward to my next session.

Donna b
middle village ,ny
I called Shape Fitness to start my weight loss goals. I had a pretty good experience for my first time calling and setting up my sessions. They were very professional and supportive. I was quite excited to start. They made my workouts fun, not a chore. I have been a client of Shape  Fitness for about a one year now and I am very pleased with the outcome! Woo hoo!. Thank you Shape Fitness!!!

Grace S.
Have been a clientat Shape Fitness for 2 yrs. Very pleased with the experience . They are very knowledgeable . Professional. If you are looking for great personal care and attention in a peaceful setting then this is your place. I have bad knees and wrist and they have found a way to work around them . And make me stronger. They truly know what they are doing. P.s. I hate working out. But they make it fun 

Marca W.
New York, NY
I went to Shape based upon a recommendation from a friend and business owner in Forest Hills. I wanted to see what the hype about the personal service and private environment was all about. That was back in February and I am still a dedicated client. The diversity of my twice-weekly workouts keep in fresh and my body working. The team at Shape Fitness are professional and attuned to your health and physical needs. Whether you are looking to change your body, strengthen your core, recover through physical therapy - they can do it all! Highly recommend checking it out.

Kim D

I joined Shape Fitness to lose weight before my wedding and after 5 months, 30 lbs and a new last name, I can honestly say there is no one else out there like Paola and Ray! Every time I hit a plateau, they helped me get over it and reach goal after goal. The nutrition plan is delicious, simple and it really, really works! Every week I would ask for more tips and every week, if I followed what they told me, I would surpass my goals and expectations! Losing weight and getting healthy is never easy but every time I got discouraged or worried I wouldn't reach my goal, they gave me practical advice and encouragement that got me through. Ray and Paola are fun, patient, extremely knowledgeable and professional. I loved them so much and experienced such amazing results that my sister joined too! Not only does she look and feel great, but she's stronger and more flexible too...just like me...Everyone keeps telling me how great I look (which is such a great feeling) and I feel incredibly healthy too!!

C R.
I have known the trainers at Shape Fitness for over six years. When I joined the club, I was 40 lbs overweight. In the beginning, I was very pessimistic because the weight was not coming off as quick as I would have liked it to. The trainers helped me to understand that it would be a life style change. With their help, I changed my eating habits and concentrated on the workouts. I lost 25 lbs in six months. It was a very difficult journey but I was successful with the support of my family and the trainers. 
After two years, I decided to leave the club since I had kept the weight off. I thought it wouldn't be hard to duplicate any of the workout at the gym on my own. Well, that was a big mistake! The weight gradually came back. I stopped going to gym and the old eating habits were back. After gaining 35 pounds and trying to lose it on my own, I decided to rejoin Shape Fitness. The second time around has been very difficult, but I've have already 15 lbs.

Jeannine J.
I have been a client for the last 3 month at Shape Fitness and have seen the most results compared to anything else that I have tried in the past. I really enjoy the workouts and the length of each session is perfect. The price is also right and they really work with you to accommodate your schedule. I definitely recommend them.

Sara  M.
Forest Hills, NY
I have a been a client for more than 4 years. More important than losing the 30 lbs I've lost since starting with Shape Fitness , I've kept it off all this time.

Toni S.
Forest Hills, NY
The team at Shape Fitness are the best. They focus on you and your needs to achieve your goals . They have the ability to work you out hard and make it so much fun that you can't wait to come back for more. The atmosphere is very relaxing and makes you feel at home. But don't let that fool you the workouts are very real, the 30 mins you spend with them are challenging for the beginner on up. It is the BEST VALUE for a personal trainer anywhere. My girlfriend and I were skeptical at first reading the Living Social ad but as soon as we met Ray and Paola we knew we were in very good hands. For anyone thinking about joining Shape Fitness all I can say is this is the right choice and one that you will be happy with. If I sound gung-ho it's because here is a place with trainers that really want to help you not just keep up enrollment quotas. We've been with Shape Fitness a short time and results are forth coming as I didn't gain weight and get out of shape overnight and we do understand it will take time but I know the team at Shape will help us get back to better health the right way.

Shari B.
As a new client at Shape Fitness, I'm feeling very positive about my experience thus far. The studio has a very zen feel and I look forward to my sessions. I feel energized when I leave and since I haven't worked out in over 2 yrs this is a new and positive feeling for me,

The owners seem very down to earth and are genuinely concerned about me reaching my fitness goals.

Only time will tell...but so far so good.

T L.
Shape Fitness has been the first place that I truly felt comfortable working out at. I had enough of smelly testosterone filled rooms where you have to wait your turn to workout or felt like you were being judged. As a woman of 50+ Shape  Fitness has been the ideal location for me to improve my health as well as stamina. The staff is highly professional, knowledgeable, and best of all, you feel as though you are working out with friends. All the support you need to achieve your ultimate goal!

Stephanie G.
Glendale, Queens, NY
I have been a client of Shape Fitness for almost 2 years now, and joining them was one of the best decisions of my life. Shape Fitness has helped me reach all goals regarding personal fitness and proper eating habits. Each training session is focused upon you, the client, and is executed around achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. Working out is no longer a tedious task, but something I look forward to do, especially with Ray and Paola. Traditional styles of working out are combined with tips and tricks to truly achieve the ultimate personal training experience. I've been a member of health clubs for years, but only with Ray and Paola have I seen dramatic, life changing, results. I believe the reason for this is their dedication to each individual client, immense knowledge of the field, and their drive to see you succeed just as much as you want to. It's the combination of these amazing qualities, and many more, that make Shape Fitness the ultimate choice for personal training!

Luka b 
I have been a client for over two years.. Ray and the Shape Fitness  staff provide a very supportive environment to help you meet your fitness goals. They are very knowledgeable and share that knowledge with you. The workouts are tailored to individual needs and you look forward to the sessions. As I get older I realize more and more how important it is to
exercise on a regular basis. Shape Fitness is a great place to develop and maintain a fitness program.

Marsha Y.
I always look forward to my sessions at Shape Fitness. Over the past two years I have seen a big change in both my strength and stamina. The atmosphere is very supportive and the trainers are very knowledgeable and great to work with.

Forest Hills, NY
I can't imagine anyone not loving this place! When you walk in the door you feel as if you were magically taken from the streets of New York and transported to an Asian Spa. The lights are slightly dimmed, giving one a warm, inviting feeling. The management and staff are just as warm and friendly. They tend to your every need and make you feel as if you are their only client. You feel pampered and relaxed...but the relaxation doesn't last long, because you are about to experience a well-planned physical fitness plan created just for you and your specific needs. A challenging but achievable workout goes by so quickly. They are true professionals and know how to be serious about meeting your needs while training in a relaxing, calm setting. 

If you are looking for the cheapest deal and want to workout with muscle heads and gym rats, this place is definitely not for you! But if you feel that your health is most important and you want to be trained by the best and get the best results possible, give Shape Fitness a try. I have been enjoying the benefits of Shape Fitness for over 2 years now, working out 2 to 3 times a week! I wouldn't be doing that if I didn't feel I was experiencing better health and appearance. Try it.